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Jester At Work

Antonio Vitale AKA Jester At Work is an Italian music producer from Pescara. After the debut “Lo-fi, back to tape” (Twelve Records, 2009) and the maturity album of “Magellano” (Twelve Records, 2012), Jester presents the new EP titled “A Beat Of a Sad Heart”, published in May by MILK – Minds In a Lovely Karma. The music of the Abruzzo singer-songwriter moves through  emotional landscapes, including country blues, folk and songwriting’ skills of the highest level. Antonio is a lone wolf, who wails sensations and dresses in obscurity, between redemption and pain.Pandering to the great folk songwriters, first of all Mark Lanegan, “A Beat Of A Sad Heart” has an immediate, fluid and reassuring grip.





the Rambo

THE RAMBO is a trio from Lodi composed by J.Marsala (guitar, voice and samplers), Capa de Sangre (guitar) and Bang L.A. Desh (drums), producing a ferocious and frenetic cocktail of noise, garage-punk, no-wave and blues.
THE RAMBO was founded in 2013 as a duo (guitar/voice and battery) but soon became a trio when Al-Funk (synth) joined in. In 2014, they recorded their first album (FIRST BLOOD),
released by Il Verso del Cinghiale, Villa Inferno and Lepers Productions.
Their new album, THE STABBING (Cloadhead Records, Il Verso del Cinghiale, Inferno Villa and Wallace Records) was recorded and mixed by Luca Ciffo (Fuzz Orchestra) and riped by Nando Farro (Maybe I’M) between March and May 2016.

Spulla, via Armaroli 54

OPENING on Friday 13/04 at 20.00

13/04 > 25/04

during the festival 7.00 – 23.00

everyday 7.00 – 22.00. closed on Sunday.


This “duetto buffo” mixes baroque music with synthesizers, Versailles style costumes and campy wigs. Heady melodies, super fast rythms, like an explosive sonic duel, somewhere between Jean-Jacques Perrey on LSD and “gabber -ised” Wendy Carlos.


“You can feel deep respect in their music for the baroque kings laying under the Guillotine, while they cut themselves the rope with a big smile on their face…” Patric Catani


illustration by
Vincent Marco




BLIND BUTCHER is an abstract musical duo from Lucerne Switzerland in GLITTER TIGHTS and a crazy irritating post punk rock attitude. Since 2010, they have been devoted to ROCK’N’ROLL, NEW & NO WAVE, Suicide Disco, Punk, Blues, KRAUT ROCK, NDW or Country Music and creating their very own very Unique DISCO TRASH SOUND

In 2013, they recorded their debut album and since then the Band played more than 100 SHOWS a year in Europe.On this new album ‘ALAWALAWA’ (Voodoo Rhythm Rec), they create a moronic unabated crazy musical universe they sing in English, German, or GIBBERISH with view word except “ALLES MACHT WEITER” where it only bubbles from text They are from a Generation that wants to be free and CREATE WITHOUT ANY BORDERS and Styles just like in the Title Song ALAWALAWA, they sing it in gibberish or ‘STAUBSAUGERBABY’ (vacuum cleaner baby) which there is no meaning at all.



As the killer cleans his knife, Raw Death sharpens guitars and dobros. The group has a yellow-toothed mouth, plays country music and invites the public to get to the bar and pay a ride. Raw Death is Sir Verdun and Plague Henry. They released an LP with the label La Face Cachée.

DUMA, vicolo Tornabuoni 25

Thursday 12/04 at 22.00



Patrizio dall’Argine – LA SCONOSCIUTA DELLA SENNA (The Unknown Woman of the Seine)

Where: Csa Sisma
When: Saturday, April 22nd at 21,30

Puppetmaster: Patrizio Dall’Argine
Assistant: Veronica Ambrosini
Puppets, costumes: Patrizio Dall’Argine, Dania Bonora

In this show, the public is invited on a journey through the Early Twentieth century Paris. You will start from the Montmartre district, inhabited by dancers and by the stumbling painter Maurice Utrillo, who, for all his life, has painted the streets and the white houses of his neighbourhood. Then, you will go through the Montparnasse district, where everything was possible: it might happen that the art merchant Leopol Zborowski meets the disturbing image of the Unknown Woman of the Seine, a young woman who drowned in the river crossing the city. Later, come the painters Amedeo Modigliani and Chalm Soutine, who, following their dream, try to transform life into an instant of beauty, into a time of art and passion, so different from the time of clocks, of success and failures.

The Unknown Woman of the Seine was a young woman who was found dead by drowning in the river Seine, in Paris, around the year 1886. It was not particularly surprising to find drowned bodies in the Seine, but this young woman, besides being beautiful and nameless, had a faint and enigmatic smile on her face. Her image is known to us because of the plaster cast that someone made, probably before she was placed in a pit. Her death mask is all that is left of her. Are her closed eyes protecting her from having a mystifying and prosaic gaze?


Ryan spring dooley – human flip book

Ryan Spring Dooley Human Flip Book

Galleria del commercio, 21-22-23/04/17

1st show at 17,00

2nd show at 19,00

The creative flow of the stop-motion technique brings thousands of images to intertwine, weaving an intriguing and captivating dimension. A world made of illustrations, painting, stories, prints, collages, sculptures and photographs. Transforming this universe into music with the same impulsive flow is the objective of the audio and video performance by Ryan Spring Dooley. It consists in the screening of a 20-minute film of his, composed of 10.000 images, while he live performs with the saxophone and his voice.


Ryan Spring Dooley aka Marvin Tiberious Crushler

After being a graffiti artist in New York during the 90s, Ryan furthered his experience of street art in Northern Italy at the beginning of the 2000s with Rockbois, a collective of punk muralists. His mural works are a mixture of representational chaos and holy harmony, accompanying him from the Triennale of Milano to the streets of Naples and Rome.


The Tropical Phonographic Institute is an ongoing collection of vinyl records that performs a contortionism between two vowels, from Semba to Samba, skimming by a flock of Cumbias, Coladeras, Soukous, Funanás and ‘all that and a bag a chips’.


Dj Urânio

From the underworld of Porto, Dj Urânio presents a lunatic show full of non-sense techno, circus rave, electro chaabi, chunga beat and electro clown. Ideal for weddings, funerals, christenings and birthday parties.


TERMINAL, via Fonte maggiore 25

Friday 13/04 at 23.30


4 guys from Mexico City, 60s garage rock’n’roll, on the road since 2003. Sabu on guitar looks like the son of Frank Zappa or the Mexican Jimi Hendrix, Kasko on drums and voice is the virtuoso of the quartet, Alonso with his hair and his bass looks very fresh and handsome on stage, and Carlos on the rhythm guitar. gives that extra touch of a sombrero / tequila / jalapeño flavour.

Los Explosivos: irreverence, rock’n’roll, sweat, pure energy!

Considered the best garage group in Mexico and one of the best of their kind ….

The right and needed warm up for Rattan Saturday night party!


SISMA, via Alfieri 8

Saturday 14/04 at 23.00



Ponzio Pilates

“The Pontius Pilates are a pirates’ orchestra,they’re full of explosives, electrosamba adventurers and undisputed dance masters.

The real pirates, however, go to sea looking for answers, and refining themselves. In the spring of 2018, their real first Album, Sukate, will be released, recorded between autumn and winter 2017 in isolation and full immersion in the nature,on the Romagna area countryside.


Terminal, via Fonte Maggiore 25

venerdì 13/04 ore 23.00

Dengue Dengue Dengue !

^^^Dengue Dengue Dengue live ^^^

……………….Apa Cec Prods per e con Ratata’ 2017………………….


Apa Cec e Basquiat productions per e con Ratata Festival in collaborazione con,Brutta Botta,Terminal e molte altre realta,
annunciano perturbazioni con carattere di tempeste tropicali provenienti dal Peru’ nell’area Centro Fiere di Villa Potenza per la serata del 21 Aprile 2017, dalle 24:00
Il ciclone gia’ Rinominato DengueDengueDengue! si abbattera’ con violenza e basse frequenze all’interno del Teatrotenda allestito per l’occasione per i rifugiati del Festival Ratata’.

Servizio Bus Navetta dalle ore 23.00 alle ore 05.00

Apa Cec and Basquiat productions for Ratata Festival featuring ,,BruttaBotta,Terminal and many more collectives
announces that weather conditions will deteriorate on the late evening of April the 21st, at 00.00, around the Centro Fiere di Villa Potenza Area when a Tropical Storm coming from Peru’, will strongly hit the Bigtop set up exclusively for the circumstances to help the Ratata’ refugees.

Shuttlebus service from 11.00 p.m. till 05.00 a.m.


tropical bazar djset

Chris Colombio & the Medicine Girls (Chile)
NuCumbia Dancing Act

H ON Bangalore (ITA)
Tropical Bass djset

Dengue Dengue Dengue ! (Peru’)
live set

Dengue’s music could be filed under a few different names: tropical bass, global bass, cumbia digital, cumbia nueva, electro cumbia. They’re one of the most successful acts in a loose constellation of Latin American artists who interpret traditional folkloric rhythms with modern electronic tools. At the center of their sound is cumbia, a dance style that exists in different forms throughout the continent. Though born in Colombia, it has found a home in almost every Latin American country, and each has their own spin on it. Pereira and Salmon add shades of Caribbean music to this rhythmic foundation, along with heavy digital basslines and the snappy drums of modern bass music.

ingresso 15 euro con consumazione prima delle 24.00
ingresso 15 euro dopo le 24.00
a breve tutte le info per le prevendite

info e prenotazioni :
3487160853 Macerata
Artwork Bruttabotta