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PELO magazine

PELO (“hair” in Italian) is a sort of epithelium where young illustrators live like lush hairs: blond, dark, red, curly or sparse. They are all different but unified by a strong electrostatic charge and a desire not to be eradicated.
It’s perfect for whoever has a bad hair day, or let his/her hair down, or is as fine as frog’s hair, or just has too many or too few. PELO Magazine is full of hairs, on the cover, in the index, among the letters and the illustrations, but this doesn’t prevent is from being plainspoken. PELO is a rough pleasure.
PELO Magazine, born in an academic environment with a first issue entirely dedicated to sex, has started to gain more and more visibility thanks to its second issue, published at the Bologna Fruit Exhibition at the beginning of 2017. The basic idea is to create an irreverent fanzine with light, ironic themes. Every issue of this magazine deals with a different theme. Every author is free to experiment, as long as he or she stays true to the theme. The 29 authors and minds behind the projects astonish the readers because, despite the anarchic and rowdy spirit of the publications, they manage to be coherent and offer quality contents “to make your hair stand on end”!


  • Daniele Vanzo, Very important paranoia
  • Claudia Plescia, The lonely life of Mr. Symmetry
  • Giovanni Colaneri, A megalove story
  • Davide Bart Salvemini, Conversazione a denti stretti
  • Marco Quadri, Bologna autostrada 10
  • Alessandra Belloni, Il pelo è la mia mania
  • Naida Mazzenga, Cumuli di accumuli
  • Elena Guglielmotti, Ballata rubata
  • Giulia Tassi, Gelatofarianesimo
  • Martoz, Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
  • Emanuele Oliveri, Shave me to the moon
  • Filippo Spinelli, Tutto in ordine
  • Juta, Zanzare
  • Paola Momentè, Fughe e piastrelle blu
  • Massimiliano Di Lauro, Piedi
  • Helga Perez Gomez, L’anatomia Hipster
  • Edoardo Massa, Introfobia
  • Giulia Conoscenti, Un toupet biondo che è la fine del mondo
  • Sofia Figliè, Proprio dietro l’angolo
  • Marco Caputo, Tiè
  • Camilla Pintonato, Otto regole d’oro per risparmiare schei
  • Giulia Piras, Considerazioni sull’ofidiofobia
  • Virgiania Gabrielli, Cianofobia
  • Alice Piaggio, Un pidocchio sotto sfratto
  • Giulia Pastorino, Vai a cacare Gaetano
  • Alice Corrain: Galline in fu…riate
  • Elisabetta D’Onghia, Una cena da paura
  • Marco Brancato, Farei del male a una mosca
  • Fabio Cesaratto, Avvento 1985
  • Francesco Fidani, Molestopoly
  • Lucia Biancalana, Fobiroscopo

Exhibition from the 21st to the 23rd April at the exhibition/market in Mercato delle Erbe. The meeting will be on Saturday 22nd April at Mercato delle Erbe, via Armaroli




Cecilia Campironi

Cecilia Campironi is an illustrator from Milan, currently living in Rome. She graduated from the European Institute of Design in 2007 and now draws stories for children. She collaborated with publishers, writers, art directors, graphic designers, architects, programmers, singers, booksellers. Since 2006 she has been part of “Studio Arturo”, with which she organises courses on linocut and stamp etching all over Italy.

At the Ratatà festival, she will launch her recently released book “Che figura!” on the 20th April 2017 at Quodlibet, in via Mozzi 23.
“Che figura!” is an amusing collection of figures of speech described and illustrated as flash and bones characters. It’s a book for children and grown-ups, presenting complex concepts in a natural way. Cecilia chooses to explain figures of speech in a completely original way, using amusing examples and portraying them as bizarre funny characters, so that they will certainly impress more than a dry definition in the vocabulary.
From well-known to less popular figures of speech, the collection designed and created by Cecilia Campironi manages to teach notions and bits of knowledge in a playful and clever way.
The aim of the book is to teach with a smile and making the study lighter, for a better comprehension of basic but difficult notions.
It is an original catalogue of figures of speech, containing many well-thought our ideas, logical connections, textual solutions and funny illustrations that are easy to read. The pencil drawings of the characters immediately show the concept to highlight. So, a HYPERBOLE becomes a lady with a really long neck, an ALLITERATION is an orchestra conductor, a TAUTOLOGY is a knight in a mighty armour who, by the look of it, says magnificent things, but, in reality, only says banalities. So let’s learn with her by having fun!


Cecilia Campironi

Davide Bart. Salvemini

Davide Bart Salvemini

Friday, April 21st

at 16.30 Opening with launch of the book “Dolls Party” edited by Strane Dizioni

at Spulla – Via Armaroli 54,56  62100 Macerata

Davide Bart. Salvemini, professionally known as Davide Bart., is an Italian illustrator. Davide studied illustration and graphics at the Academy of Bologna and the I.S.I.A of Urbino. “Before moving to Urbino I used to combine my love for drawing with a number of jobs, such as photographer, metalworker, barman, greengrocer and shop assistant in a clothing store”.