PELO magazine

PELO (“hair” in Italian) is a sort of epithelium where young illustrators live like lush hairs: blond, dark, red, curly or sparse. They are all different but unified by a strong electrostatic charge and a desire not to be eradicated.
It’s perfect for whoever has a bad hair day, or let his/her hair down, or is as fine as frog’s hair, or just has too many or too few. PELO Magazine is full of hairs, on the cover, in the index, among the letters and the illustrations, but this doesn’t prevent is from being plainspoken. PELO is a rough pleasure.
PELO Magazine, born in an academic environment with a first issue entirely dedicated to sex, has started to gain more and more visibility thanks to its second issue, published at the Bologna Fruit Exhibition at the beginning of 2017. The basic idea is to create an irreverent fanzine with light, ironic themes. Every issue of this magazine deals with a different theme. Every author is free to experiment, as long as he or she stays true to the theme. The 29 authors and minds behind the projects astonish the readers because, despite the anarchic and rowdy spirit of the publications, they manage to be coherent and offer quality contents “to make your hair stand on end”!


  • Daniele Vanzo, Very important paranoia
  • Claudia Plescia, The lonely life of Mr. Symmetry
  • Giovanni Colaneri, A megalove story
  • Davide Bart Salvemini, Conversazione a denti stretti
  • Marco Quadri, Bologna autostrada 10
  • Alessandra Belloni, Il pelo è la mia mania
  • Naida Mazzenga, Cumuli di accumuli
  • Elena Guglielmotti, Ballata rubata
  • Giulia Tassi, Gelatofarianesimo
  • Martoz, Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
  • Emanuele Oliveri, Shave me to the moon
  • Filippo Spinelli, Tutto in ordine
  • Juta, Zanzare
  • Paola Momentè, Fughe e piastrelle blu
  • Massimiliano Di Lauro, Piedi
  • Helga Perez Gomez, L’anatomia Hipster
  • Edoardo Massa, Introfobia
  • Giulia Conoscenti, Un toupet biondo che è la fine del mondo
  • Sofia Figliè, Proprio dietro l’angolo
  • Marco Caputo, Tiè
  • Camilla Pintonato, Otto regole d’oro per risparmiare schei
  • Giulia Piras, Considerazioni sull’ofidiofobia
  • Virgiania Gabrielli, Cianofobia
  • Alice Piaggio, Un pidocchio sotto sfratto
  • Giulia Pastorino, Vai a cacare Gaetano
  • Alice Corrain: Galline in fu…riate
  • Elisabetta D’Onghia, Una cena da paura
  • Marco Brancato, Farei del male a una mosca
  • Fabio Cesaratto, Avvento 1985
  • Francesco Fidani, Molestopoly
  • Lucia Biancalana, Fobiroscopo

Exhibition from the 21st to the 23rd April at the exhibition/market in Mercato delle Erbe. The meeting will be on Saturday 22nd April at Mercato delle Erbe, via Armaroli




Juan Bernabeu

Saturday, 22nd April

At Museo della Carrozza, via Don Minzoni 24 – Macerata (MC)
Opening at 13.00 in collaboration with Ars in Fabula

Juan Bernabeu’s passion for pictures and arts began when he was very young. Always holding a pencil in his hand, he started to experiment and create. For this reason, he decided to study at the Academy of Design in Valencia. This interest of his grows stronger as to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Illustration for Publishing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, offered by the cultural association “FabbricadelleFavole”, thanks to which he ventures into the publishing world. He is attracted to simple, direct illustrations, which strike you for their solid narrative ability. He has lived in Berlin for many years, working as an illustrator.


ZOO Animalia

When: Thursday 20-04-2017, 16.00

Where: vetrine ex Upim, Galleria del Commercio

Le Vanvere will curate an illustration exhibit focused on the theme “Zoo” – intended generically as the animal kingdom. Zoo-Animalia is an unusual exhibition, set up in spaces traditionally destined to bill postings or electoral posters. It is an exhibition directly addressing to whoever passes by on foot, by car or by bike: the exhibition takes place in the city itself.
“Zoo” is also the root of many words of the animal world. The subject of this exhibition is the free interpretation of this very word, whether you want to interpret it literally or more broadly, connected to the world we live in, where each of us lives in a state of endless exposition to the public.
“LeVanvere – Storie e illustrazioni a km0” was created by an extraordinary alignment of stars, i.e. four illustrators from Tuscany: Camilla, Celina, Giulia e Lisa. Four different minds and styles, four ways to conceive illustrations, four people who decided to talk about illustration, graphics, cooking, street art and all the colourful things hiding among the Tuscany hills and waiting for someone who finds this new beauty at our fingertips.
Four illustrators who run into each other by chance, with a project that was created by chance, but not randomly.
The aim is to promote and give value to our job with stories, exhibits, sketches, art projects and whatever comes to mind!
Underpinning all this there’s a will to create a snapshot, as wide as possible, of the illustration overview and create a meeting point for professionals and amateurs.

Komikaze (Hr), Ivana Armanini

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ven 21 Aprile 

Komikaze (Hr), Ivana Armanini  exhibition at Galleria del Commercio Macerata (MC)


Ivana Armanini is author from Zagreb, Croatia. Exhibition presents works from her own book “Katalog” (2016) and some recent comics.

KATALOG is collection of short comix drawn through 15 years and a part of exhibition tour inside the Komikaze/ Femicomix programme (Pula/ Croatia – Macerata -Virovitica/ Croatia – Novi Sad/ Serbia).


Ivana graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Founds and manages Komikaze (2002.-), a network for production, promotion and distribution of authorial comics with a focus on independent scene where she has been publishing and exhibiting on over 250 events, workshops and festivals (HR, I, SR, IT, FR, DE, SE, HU, AT, SAD, BiH, Po, Pt, E). Web:

Participated and collaborated on many projects: Solidarna, Le monde Diplomatique, Zombi Proleter, comiXconnection, Kroatien Kreativ 2013, Croatie la voici 2013, Love/Hate Crack catalog, Ekostrip, Short Programme No1, comic book Adventures of Gloria Scott , comic group Wild Eye, …

She was a jury member for the comic section on Ligatura festival (2011.)/ Poland, Festival of the first (2008.) and BJCEM (2009., 2007.)/ Cro. 

About “Katalog”: ISBN: 978-953-56133-2-9 / Bilingual comic book (Eng – Cro)/ 132 pages/ Format: 21×30 / BW & Color/ Kunstdruck 130gm + 160gm cover with flaps/ 500 copies


Komikaze/ Femicomix program is supported by Ministry of culture Republic Croatia and City of Zagreb

Crisma Preview

this year at Ratatà you will find the preview of Crisma 2

Crisma is an annual collection of stories and comics.

Self-produced in Rome by the “Lab.Aquattro” collective with the support of CSA La Torre.
Its A4 format recalls a small ream made of chrisms.

The volume gathers the works of twelve firms, selected by the the “Lab.Aquattro” collective basing on their qualities and the variety of style interpretations. Those who contributed are: Baldari / Bart Salvemini / Di Lauro / Canottiere / Lanzieri / Lopez Lam / Martoz
Ricca / Tuono Pettinato / Schinaia / Verdet / Vinciarelli.
The colour cover was created by Martin Lopez Lam.
«Rione Borotalco» is this second volume’s theme.
11 short stories illustrating metamorphosing neighbourhoods, transforming towns and cities, flattened and hidden realities and identities, people and places covered by a layer of talcum that makes them scented and good looking.
11 stories, different in style and content, where the authors freely interpret the combination Rione + Borotalco, connected by the illustrations by Massimiliano Di Lauro.
You’ll have the chance to see in preview Crisma #2 at the Ratatà Festival in Macerata (from the 20th to the 23rd of April) and at the Napoli Comicon (from the 28th April to the 1st May).
The official launch is planned for the 13th/14th May at CSA La Torre (Via Bertero, 13, Rome) during a two-days event.

Amadeo Gonzales

From 21 to 23/04/17 his exhibition will be at Mercato delle Erbe.

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Born in Lima, Perú in 1977. Self-educated illustrator, screenwriter and musician. In 2001 he and his brother Renso founded (and still direct) the publication “Carboncito”, a project focused on contemporary illustrations and short novels. He also published monographical zines such as “Tránsito intestinal”, “Actitú records”, “Bandas inexistentes records” and “Nervenzusammenbruch”.

In his works, he uses many different techniques: freehand drawing, vector drawing, Indian ink, watercolour, silkscreen.

He took part in many individual and collective exhibitions in Perú, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States.

He also participated in several fairs focusing on illustration and independent publishing in South America: FILBO Feria internacional del libro, Bogotá; Trimarchi a Mar del plata; FID festival internacional de diseño, Costa Rica; Festival Comicópolis 2015, Buenos Aires; Festival Furioso de Dibujo a Rosario (Arg).

At present, he is the Cultural Manager (and co-founder) of Espacio Los Unicos in Lima, where he teaches creative drawing and screenwriting to children and teenagers.

Paulina Tkacz

Paulina Tkacz is a graphic designer who lives in the Marche region. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (Poland), where she majored in posters and packaging design.
Her works were exhibited at the International Biennal of Posters by the students of Novi Sad (Serbia) 2014, at the Łódź Design Festival (Poland) 2014, International Biennal of Posters in Wilanów (Poland) 2014, The Packaging Innovation Fair in Warsaw (Poland) 2013, 15, Posters Fair in Wilanòw (Poland) 2011.
Her main works are:
• RARA- sunscreen
• Comics and games Festival in Łódź
• Pastorałka- theatre play set during Christmas
• Jazz in Blue quartet
• Wiosna Młodych- La Primavera dei Giovani- painting exhibition
• OFF CINEMA- documentary films festival
• Tempo dei Gitani, film by Emir Kusturica
• Characters- psychology magazine

Paula Tkacz’s work will be exhibited at BAR FIRENZE, Pescheria Vecchia 4, from Thursday 20th April to Sunday 23rd April.
Her graphic works were created between 2009 and 2014 and include academic exercises and commercial creations for the promotion of psychology magazines, films by Emir Kusturica, film festivals, theatre plays, comics and games festivals, jazz concerts, painting exhibitions, sunscreens. Each subject is carefully studied to find the right visual language and prove its individuality, in order to combine the informative function with the artistic expression and thus create a game of art and design. Her work is mostly influenced by the Russian constructivist studies, quite popular among the poster designers of the town of Łódź, where she was educated.
Another reference point for the artist is represented by the posters created by the Polish School of Posters, a prestigious school that is more than just an informative medium, but also the individual creation of artworks requested by the public and the collectors.
Her work aims at presenting an emotional involvement with the subjects thanks to humour and metaphors.

Paulina Tkacz

Paola Tassetti

Paola is an Italian artist, who has studied Art and graduated in Architecture, later focusing on Landscape Studies. She is attracted to symbolism, gardens and the harmony of the design process in art, through studies on canvas and temporary installations. Her research goes through many disciplines, like biology, architecture, anatomy, botanic and townscape architecture.

Her main works are:
• Condotto Caecus (cecale)
• Condotto Perverso (pervertire)
• Condotto Plantigrado
• Solastalgia di bocca (Condotto)
• Condotti Floreali
• Ampolle Credenziali
At Ratatà, Paola Tassetti will exhibit “Organi Botanici” at TANDEM, Corso della Repubblica 23, from Thursday 20th April to Sunday 23rd April

“Organi Botanici” depicts compositions of structural disorder, with a flow of sensitivity inside a landscape made of plants, female and male reproductive organs and organic fibres. Alongside the perimeter of the arteries, the vegetal thread becomes a suture to stitch signs and words, and stands up as the voice of a symbolic unconscious.
The exhibition illustrates emotions as intangible organs that seek shelter occupying physical organs, but modifying them and finding, in their subtle bond, a deeper bond with time and the experiences that run fast and do not leave any certainty.
The compositional language of these botanical/anatomical collage creates an intimate, personal work that, at the same time, is universally relatable on a sensitive standpoint.
Anthropology, archaeology, anatomy and botanic (plus their histories) become the foundation of the artist’s study and turn into “Condotti”, which is made of connecting busts with organs and vegetal appearances.


Paola Tassetti

Anke Feuchtenberger

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Anke Feuchtenberger was born in 1963 in Berlin, where she graduated in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as a sole practitioner in Hamburg and as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences since ’97. In the same year, she won the 3rd prize at the International Postercompetition in Osnabrück.

She is the founder of the Glähende Zukunft (Glowing Future) group, which carried out many political-artistic operations through graffiti and murals. Later, she blended this experiences in the visual art of Eastern Europe with the Western comics tradition. The exchange between these two worlds results in her personal style, characterised by strong, intense and inimitable works. This artist with unequalled talent and hypnotic style brings the viewer in a dimension pending between nightmare and fairy tale, and she earned her way to both art galleries and contemporary comics festivals since her art form is impossible to label.

She published comics and illustrations in Germany for Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and she has worked with other important newspapers all around Europe.


We will exhibit, starting on Saturday 22/04/2017  at Officine Uto, vicolo Consalvi, a series of her personal most recent original works and paintings at the gallery D406, Modena, the Galleria Stamperia “Squadro” in Bologna. Moreover, we will have the honour to launch her latest silk-screen book, published by Else edizioni, and some silk-screen prints, among which a triptyque created appositely for Ratatà.

Prof. Bad Trip

Prof. Bad Trip – A Saucerful of colours – Lesson #3

Opening: Friday, April 21st at 17:00

When: from Friday, April 21st to Monday, May 1st, 2017

Where: GABA, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 7, Macerata, 62100

Time schedule Ratatà Festival: Friday, April 21st 17:00- 20:00; Saturday, April 22nd- Sunday, April 23rd All- day- opening 11:00- 20:00;

Time schedule-following opening: From Monday, April 24th to Monday, May 1st  11:00- 13:00. 15:00 20:00

The Tabularasa Teké Gallery in Carrera takes pleasure in presenting to the public of Ratatà FestivalA saucerful of colours”, the largest retrospective exhibition dedicated to Gianluca Lerici, A.K.A. Prof Bad Trip, the artist from La Spezia, who passed away in 2006. Following the huge success of the first exhibition in Carrara, where it was held this summer at the Teké Gallery, and of the second exhibition in Rome, this retrospective lands in Macerata at the Galleria dell’Accademia di Belle Arti (GABA), with over 30 paintings, little known to the public, and a series of graphic arts, sculptures and other items such as stamps, posters and collages.

The display aims at summarising Prof. Bad Trip’s work from the 80s to the 2000s and his view of the punk and underground counterculture from the 70s up to now. He does this in any art form, from painting to artefacts, books, comics, and even music. His is a savage, disenchanted and ironical critique of a tentacular and asphyxiating society, which smothers any attempt on an intellectual resistance. This creates a terrific battle on canvas, fought with contrasting, sharp colours, perfect to look at with a pair of anaglyph glasses that make it impossible to avoid the delirious details and textures of every work. Professor Bad Trip’s paintings are like a scream full of emotions against a dying world, they are like a stream of consciousness that sends his visionary thoughts straight to the eyes of the public. In every single work, he shares with the public so many emotions that it would be impossible to describe with words.

It is not a case the etymology of the word “visionary” is positive since a Visionary is him who, thanks to his intellect and his “vision”, can manage to find brilliant solutions that change and improve the life of the whole community. It is a premonitory vision, a sort of omen for the future generations or a forward-looking desire – like when in “Apocalyptic Interview”, included in the wonderful catalogue of the exhibition and still topical even after many years, Bad Trip states: “I hope that, with the arrival of Mp3s, CDs will become old and be forgotten”.

At the exhibition, there will be a catalogue in colour containing anaglyph glasses to view the paintings and silk-screen prints in limited and numbered edition. In addition to the photographs of his works, there will be an impressive critical text by Matteo Guarnaccia and, in the appendix, the unpublished full version of the “Apocalyptic Interview” carried out by Vittore Baroni with Prof. Bad Trip.

Moreover, there will be available two silk-screen prints in colours, in limited and numbered edition, produced by Teké Gallery and inspired by two famous canvases from Prof. Bad Trip.

Dengue Dengue Dengue !

^^^Dengue Dengue Dengue live ^^^

……………….Apa Cec Prods per e con Ratata’ 2017………………….


Apa Cec e Basquiat productions per e con Ratata Festival in collaborazione con,Brutta Botta,Terminal e molte altre realta,
annunciano perturbazioni con carattere di tempeste tropicali provenienti dal Peru’ nell’area Centro Fiere di Villa Potenza per la serata del 21 Aprile 2017, dalle 24:00
Il ciclone gia’ Rinominato DengueDengueDengue! si abbattera’ con violenza e basse frequenze all’interno del Teatrotenda allestito per l’occasione per i rifugiati del Festival Ratata’.

Servizio Bus Navetta dalle ore 23.00 alle ore 05.00

Apa Cec and Basquiat productions for Ratata Festival featuring ,,BruttaBotta,Terminal and many more collectives
announces that weather conditions will deteriorate on the late evening of April the 21st, at 00.00, around the Centro Fiere di Villa Potenza Area when a Tropical Storm coming from Peru’, will strongly hit the Bigtop set up exclusively for the circumstances to help the Ratata’ refugees.

Shuttlebus service from 11.00 p.m. till 05.00 a.m.


tropical bazar djset

Chris Colombio & the Medicine Girls (Chile)
NuCumbia Dancing Act

H ON Bangalore (ITA)
Tropical Bass djset

Dengue Dengue Dengue ! (Peru’)
live set

Dengue’s music could be filed under a few different names: tropical bass, global bass, cumbia digital, cumbia nueva, electro cumbia. They’re one of the most successful acts in a loose constellation of Latin American artists who interpret traditional folkloric rhythms with modern electronic tools. At the center of their sound is cumbia, a dance style that exists in different forms throughout the continent. Though born in Colombia, it has found a home in almost every Latin American country, and each has their own spin on it. Pereira and Salmon add shades of Caribbean music to this rhythmic foundation, along with heavy digital basslines and the snappy drums of modern bass music.

ingresso 15 euro con consumazione prima delle 24.00
ingresso 15 euro dopo le 24.00
a breve tutte le info per le prevendite

info e prenotazioni :
3487160853 Macerata
Artwork Bruttabotta


Ratatà call for beds!!!

Dear students and scholars, this year we’re asking again for your generosity by means of bed availability from the 20th to the 23rd of April to host Italian and international artists participating in the upcoming Ratatà edition!

If you would like to participate or if you need further information please send an email to with the object “hospitality”. Thank you!

ps. We are also looking for computers for RATATRONICS


Ladies and Gentlemen, signore e signori, mesdames et messieurs, the time has almost come. Take your calendar and mark “30th March, Macerata, 6.30 pm”.

There are seven days left but don’t worry, you won’t change your mind. You will be seduced by curiosity, mesmerised during your wait and struck by surprise. We are finally ready to welcome you to our world and introduce you to our creature.

MarcheCazzoVaiDicendo”, a tricky tongue-twister, is the ultimate masterpiece, it’s the result of the efforts of 22 people, it’s the work of months and months, it’s a book with words and images and comics.

If you are from the Marche region and you’re looking for the answers to every existential question that your homeland poses, you will find them there; if you’re not from the Marche region but, after reading those pages, you wish you were, you will be welcome and understood.

The carousel starts with a nice “aperitivo” at 6.30, at csa Sisma in via Vittorio Alfieri, Macerata (see map). During the night you will be able to visit the exhibition of panels made by illustrators and cartoonists who have worked on this project. You will also be able to attend the book launch with the authors and we will end the night with the concert of “The Deux Camillo Perazzoli”.

Finally, among pictures and cartoonists, by reading pages and singing notes, we will present you the outcome of our “Narration workshop”, organised by “MarcheCazzoVaiElaborando”. Get ready for three days of meetings and discussions, where a handful of artists, writers and other weirdos will give life to a hybrid work, that will be launched at the event. More info here.

More info here

Info “Laboratorio di narrazione”

Maisons Perdues

Maisons Perdues
21.04.2017 / 28.04.2017

Opening on Friday 21.04.2017 at 19.00
Opening times: every day 10.00 – 13.00 and 16.30 – 20,00. Closed on Monday.
During the Ratatà Festival open from 10,00 to 20,00
a Ratatà Festival production, in collaboration with EppuResiste, Festival migrante delle Resistenze e dei Territori

Maisons Perdues is an exhibition created and organized by the festival itself, a collective exhibition of contemporary artists whose peculiarity lies in the art of drawing.
Home means protection, safety, memory and remembrance, home is the foundation on which we build our existence as individuals. When this concept, native to mankind since the end of nomadism, is put at risk by catastrophes or other events that are out of human control, what’s really jeopardized, deep down, is the concept of identity. Maybe because the house walls are limits, boundaries that separate the outer from the inner, the hidden world from the nakedness of our existence. Rethinking one’s life is something the modern man has progressively got out of the habit to do, but both big and relatively little upheavals, natural and historical, brutally slam it back on page one of our lives. The fear and ignorance towards the figure of the migrant, for instance, finds one of its most violent expressions in the motto “let’s help them in their homelands”, a clear summary of the gangrenous, lost capacity to empathize with the act of surrender made by individuals who, coerced or not, must abandon the feeling of security given by a home, and experience, maybe, the fear of a body projected towards a space of infinite possibilities, created by the lack of physical or identity “walls”, serving as containing, defining limits.

– Hipkiss (Gb)
– Kevin Lucbert (F) 
– Christine Brey (D) 
– Denis Riva (I) 
– David de la Mano (E) 
– Giorgio Pignotti (I) 
– Puste miejsce przy stole (PL)
– book project with: Joanna ConcejoMalgorzata MAUKO Korczak (Mauko)Joanna Ambroz LewandowskaMarta Tomiak, Dasza Voronina, Karolina JeskeAda Augustyniak. 


Jesse Jacobs

Jesse Jacobs

opening Saturday 22nd April, at 16:30

at Galleria Mirionima, P.zz della libertà 2, Macerata (MC)




Jesse Jacobs works from his home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. A combination of intricate linework and bold colour palettes has defined his practice, which began in comics but has expanded, in recent years, into fine art, illustration, and animation.   

Jacobs’ graphic novels have been translated into a number of languages. His work has been exhibited throughout Canada, the US, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland. Selections of his books have appeared in Best American Comics (published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) in 2012, 2013, and 2015. His illustration work has appeared in The New York Times, Mad Magazine, The National Post, Le Monde Diplomatique, Pitchfork Review, The Walrus, and The New Yorker website.


le serigrafie di Jesse Jacobs stampate da Strane Dizioni 

Jesse Jacobs trabaja desde su casa en Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Su obra es la combinaciòn de complicadas lineas y fuertes palette de colores solidos.Despues de sus comienzos como autor de comics,ahora se dedica tambien a la fine art,illustraciòn y animacciòn(entre muchas hay que citar Adventure Time).

Las novelas graficas de Jacobs han sido traducidas y editatas en muchos paises y su trabajo presentado en Canada,Estados Unidos, Japòn, Rusia,Alemania y Suiza.

Una seleciòn de sus trabajos ha sido editada en la importante revista Best American Comics (publicada por Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) en 2012, 2013 y 2015.

Colabora con The New York Times, Mad Magazine, The National Post, Le Monde Diplomatique, Pitchfork Review, The Walrus y The New Yorker.

Por su primera expo italiana presentaremos una serie de seris y carteles fine art.

Presentaremos ademas sus nuevos comics “Bumper Crop” (ed. Strane Dizioni),”Crawl Space” (ed. Koyama Press) e “E così conoscerai l’universo e gli dei”(Eris Edizioni).

Crowdfunding Ratatà 2017

Help us to do it Better! [ click here ]

The fourth edition of Ratatà Festival, Maceratese event dedicated to contemporary drawing in all its forms, from comics to illustration, through independent publishing up to urban art, comes in a period more than ever intense and turbulent both for our region and for the people who are behind the organization.

The relationship with a territory oppressed by violent seismic events and the difficulty in the reconstruction, a social reality wounded in its intentions, as well as personal trouble that these events have led to our own lives, made us often think whether start also this year, the arduous but extremely rewarding series of meetings, arguments, thoughts, projects that are the invisible but fundamental backbone of Ratatà.

At the end, the main theme of this edition it was just the desire for personal rebirth joined to the need for local cultural renaissance, through exhibitions that have a direct link with this topic and the creation of an increasingly dense network with the cultural, political, social driving forces that have always animated our social fabric.

Also this year, a crowdfunding campaign has been activated to raise the necessary funds so that the festival could exist: the festival is almost entirely self-funded, all funding we receive are used to pay for outfitting expenses, reimburse artists’ travels, handle communication and increase more and more the cultural program of the festival itself.

This is the website where do the payment, inside you’ll find all the exhibition proposals and events that we are preparing for this edition, updated from time to time:

We ask you to help us with a donation or by publicizing this campaign among your contacts … any help, even the smallest one, is necessary and essential for the success of this event!

Thanks so much!

Call for Artists, Exhibitors and Publishers


If you would like to participate as an exhibitor at the Exhibition/Market for Ratatà 2017 (which will be held from Friday, April 21-at 14 pm-until Sunday, April 23-at 17 pm) send an email at with subject “CALL FOR EXHIBITORS 2017” by March 15, indicating your website and some images of your self-publishing!


The Ratatà fanzine 2017 will be on creating an independent video-game, coming soon on-line all the details to participate!

Draw a character for RATATà video game 2017!
Send your contribution in A6 format, 300dpi on white base, free technique, maximum 4 colors (black and white included), at email with subject CALL FOR ARTIST 2017, by March 26th.
The selected drawings will be transformed into the protagonists of this year’s fanzine , which is a video game developed by Plague Labs in collaboration with Ratatà.
Updates soon.
Here’s an example of character and as it will be in the game. We will take care of converting it into pixels!


ratto pixelato
esempio di come verrà pixelato …stai attento ai dettagli troppo piccoli !
In summary, the file must have these characteristics:
– A6
– 300dpi
– White base
– Maximum 4 colors (black and white included)
– free technique

DEADLINE March 26th 2017


This year, Ratatà will select the best self publishing made from October 2016!

It is open to artists, collectives, independent publishers which have produced a new paper self-publishing (book, comics, graphic novels, slipcase, fanzines, folder etc ..) after date 30.09.2016, using any technique and with maximum print run of 300 pieces. Ratata will select the two most interesting projects and will promote them during the festival with a space within the Exhibition/Market, an official presentation and a small dedicated exhibition.

Ratata will purchase from 5 to 10 copies of the two selected editions to insert them within their own bookshop and send them as rewards to the greater ULULE supporters!

To participate, send an email at with subject “CALL FOR SELF PUBLISHING 2017” by March 15, indicating the website, the production date, a brief description and some images of the project!