Bill Noir


Giovedì 14 Aprile
ore 18.30 Galleria Antichi Forni
inaugurazione mostre Bill Noir
dal 14/04 al 25/04

Bill Noir 13/07/1981

I am a french collagist based in Strasbourg. I explore different styles, mostly using old papers, vintage magazines and books.

These materials give me the textures, images and typographic forms. Then, I create geometrical compositions by playing with gaps and leftover paper.

I am rather interested in abstract shapes. I like to create my own language, a visual expression which still allows people to feel close to their personal experiences.

I am the publisher of “Mékanik copulaire” : zines focusing on collage, found photographs, and experimental books.

I enjoy discovering the wide diversity of artworks and often invite international collagists to share their works in my zines.