Crowdfunding Ratatà 2017

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The fourth edition of Ratatà Festival, Maceratese event dedicated to contemporary drawing in all its forms, from comics to illustration, through independent publishing up to urban art, comes in a period more than ever intense and turbulent both for our region and for the people who are behind the organization.

The relationship with a territory oppressed by violent seismic events and the difficulty in the reconstruction, a social reality wounded in its intentions, as well as personal trouble that these events have led to our own lives, made us often think whether start also this year, the arduous but extremely rewarding series of meetings, arguments, thoughts, projects that are the invisible but fundamental backbone of Ratatà.

At the end, the main theme of this edition it was just the desire for personal rebirth joined to the need for local cultural renaissance, through exhibitions that have a direct link with this topic and the creation of an increasingly dense network with the cultural, political, social driving forces that have always animated our social fabric.

Also this year, a crowdfunding campaign has been activated to raise the necessary funds so that the festival could exist: the festival is almost entirely self-funded, all funding we receive are used to pay for outfitting expenses, reimburse artists’ travels, handle communication and increase more and more the cultural program of the festival itself.

This is the website where do the payment, inside you’ll find all the exhibition proposals and events that we are preparing for this edition, updated from time to time:

We ask you to help us with a donation or by publicizing this campaign among your contacts … any help, even the smallest one, is necessary and essential for the success of this event!

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