Matthias Lehmann


Matthias Lehmann lives and works in Parisian region where is born in 1978. Practising intensely etching technique ( but also drawing pen and crayon drawing and even painting), he started to publish sketches and some comics in more and more rampant trend of fanzines and graphzine of 90’s in France and abroad, like his fanzines Rancune Comix (published already in 1995), Strip Burger, Thank God It’s Ugly or Le Martien.

He took part equally to some anthologies that made history like the famous Comix 2000, Lapin, Hopital Brut or Dirty Stories in USA, and he takes part to kiosk’s adventure cooperating with magazines as Jade, Ferraille, Le Psikopat or Capsule Cosmique, and even more recently with Pandora and even with Fluide Glacial, collaboration with Nicolas Moog. With him signs the book Qu’importe la mitraille publication, a collection of short stories in which both authors openly discuss about their profession.

In recent years is on more traditional newspaper as illustrator, for Libération (in which he illustrates the “controversy of progress”) or Le Monde, XXI, Siné Mensuel, Marianne etc., all continuing to supervising an activity of comics’ author. Simultaneously to his graphic activity, he’s a big lover of American folk’s and loud music, he plays and sings in Row Death’s band (in which comes out the first vinyl by Le Disque de La Face Cachée).

He collaborates also in 2015 to the project of sketched concerts “On Alan Lomax’s road”, with KING BISCUIT’s group, a team from Rouen composed by the duo of Sylvain Choinier (guitar, voice) and Fred Jouhannet (violin, etc.).

He published around 10 books, that 3 of these published by Actes Sud BD, in particular LA FAVOURITE published on April 2015, translated in 3 languages and for which it gained several rewards.

Collectives (extract)

// 2017 : Fair of Contemporary Drawing Drawing Now, with Martel gallery, Mars, Paris 2016 : Jodorowski’s Dune, gallery French Paper, November, Paris

2015 : International Festival of Black Novel, July, Frontignan

2014 : Heta Huma, International Museum of Modest Art, Sète

2013 : Scratchboard, Mauvais Oeil gallery, Marseille Scratchboard, bookstore Contrebandes, Toulon White Trash, Lyon

2012: Winter Show/arts Factory, Lavignes Bastille gallery, Paris November

2010: Strip Burger, Vzigalica gallery, Ljubljana, September Kontrastprogramm, The Art of Scratchboard, Cartoonmuseum, Bâle

2009: Winter show/Arts Factory, Beaurepaire Gallery, November

2007: Le Dernier Cri, Paris, Beaurepaire Gallery, September

2003: The Lost comic Tribe, Bonennfanten Museum, Maastricht Personnelles //

2016 : Festival BilBolBul, November, Via San Giacomo, Bologna, Italy

2016 : Contrebandes Bookstore, con Nicolas Moog, settembre, Toulon

2016 : Alliance Française, Brême, ottobre, Germania

2016 : La Halle Saint Pierre, with Angela Dalinger, February-March Paris

2015 : Maison de L’Université de Rouen, Mont Saint Aignan

2015 : La Dimension Fantastique Bookstore, Parigi.

2015 : Super Héros Bookstore, Paris

2013 : Topor/Lehmann, a dialogue, Les Abattoirs, Riom Lollipop, with Nicolas Moog, Marseille

2012: Exposition of skatches of press, Festival Internazionale del Romanzo Noir Frontignan, June La Tentation de Saint Antoine, Installation «cuBDes», Rencontres du 9ème Art, Aix-en-Provence, April

2011: Premier Gallery Degré, Nancy

2010: La Place Verte, with José Maria Gonzalez, Paris

2009: Fnac Nice, Nizza

2008: Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers

2007: Viva Dolor Gallery, with Nicolas Moog, Lyon

2006: Un Regard Moderne Bookstore, Paris, June Super Héros Bookstore, Paris

2004: Premier Degré Gallery, with Nicolas Moog, Nancy

2003: La Passerelle Bookstore, Marseille

2000: Un Regard Moderne Bookstore, Paris, September International Festival of comics in Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal, October


QU’IMPORTE LA MITRAILLE, in couple with Nicolas Moog, Six Pieds Sous Terre issue, 2016 PERSONNE NE SAIT QUE JE VAIS MOURIR, L’Association issue, January 2016

LA FAVORITE, Actes Sud BD issue, 2015 [translated in German, Spanish e Italian during 2016] Selection of high-school award and apprentice PACA 2016-2017 official selection Angoulême 2016 scenario award, high-school award by BD Midi-Pyrénées 2016 Premio best festival album of Darnétal 2015


LES LARMES D’EZECHIEL, Actes Sud BD issue, 2009 [EZEKIELOVE SOLZE, Slovenian version, translated by Strip Core issue, Ljubljana 2011]

L’ETOUFFEUR DE LA RN 115, Actes Sud BD issue, Paris, 2006 [HWY 115, versione American version, translated by Fantagraphics Books issue, Seattle, 2007] Prix beuelle de verre FIBD d’Alger, 2008

GRANDMA’S PAINTING, Strip Core issue, Ljubljana, 2006

LE GUMBO DE L’ANNEE, Les Requins Marteaux issue, Albi, 2003

ISOLACITY, L’Association issue, Paris, 2001

O PESADELO DE GUSTAVO NINGUEM, Le Dernier Cri issue, Marseille, 2000


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