Thinking with your hands with Isidro Ferrer

Through the game we will try to establish a relationships between the subject and the object, to clarify what match us to the objects and how they talk about us and define us. We will try to delineate our image based on the value of things, their instrumental function and our closeness to them, trying to indicate the significant elements and the communicative values ​​of what we surround ourselves to represent ourselves. The game will bring us closer to the material with which the objects are constructed and to their expressive qualities, we will constitute a structure of visions that can contribute to give meaning to the insignificant. We will try to recover the hidden value of objects, restore their poetic character and establish relationships between them. We will try to multiply the semantic values ​​of objects by transfiguring their utilitarian function. Through play and channeling the possibilities offered by chance, we will ponder a transversal vision that overcomes the consolidated meanings in search of new expressive values. We will try to do things with things, building from what is destroyed by making sure that the result contains a functionality. We will work with as many types of waste and recycling materials as possible: wood remains, scrap, pipes, hydraulic waste, toys, electronic or not, useless items …VERY IMPORTANT: the outcome of the workshop depends on the quality and quantity of allowances and contributions made.No one should participate in the workshop without contributing with this type of material. * Number of participants: 25 maxPrice per participant: € 35Date: Thursday 12 from 10am to 7pm * we will provide all the materials and tools necessary for processing as well as procure as much recycled material as possible, but it is useful that by making a selection each bring a small amount of old objects to be used for the construction of new ones!