Anke Feuchtenberger

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Anke Feuchtenberger was born in 1963 in Berlin, where she graduated in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts. She worked as a sole practitioner in Hamburg and as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences since ’97. In the same year, she won the 3rd prize at the International Postercompetition in Osnabrück.

She is the founder of the Glähende Zukunft (Glowing Future) group, which carried out many political-artistic operations through graffiti and murals. Later, she blended this experiences in the visual art of Eastern Europe with the Western comics tradition. The exchange between these two worlds results in her personal style, characterised by strong, intense and inimitable works. This artist with unequalled talent and hypnotic style brings the viewer in a dimension pending between nightmare and fairy tale, and she earned her way to both art galleries and contemporary comics festivals since her art form is impossible to label.

She published comics and illustrations in Germany for Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and she has worked with other important newspapers all around Europe.


We will exhibit, starting on Saturday 22/04/2017  at Officine Uto, vicolo Consalvi, a series of her personal most recent original works and paintings at the gallery D406, Modena, the Galleria Stamperia “Squadro” in Bologna. Moreover, we will have the honour to launch her latest silk-screen book, published by Else edizioni, and some silk-screen prints, among which a triptyque created appositely for Ratatà.