Gio Pistone

When: Friday 21/04/2017
Where: Borgo San Giuliano subway

Gio Pistone was born in Rome.

Ever since she was a child, she chose drawing as her personal language.

The subjects that she draws are often fantasy monstrous figures, characterised by strong colours and sharp lines, born from her nightmares as a child.

Her mother, who at the time was a Psychology student, suggested her to draw the creatures she dreamt about in the morning to face her fears. This is still a source of inspiration for her.

She occasionally works on theatre scenic design, where she keeps taking inspiration from her dreams and following her love for grandeur.

She worked and travelled with “La sindrome del topo”, a group of creators of play structures and dreams, where she draws, builds designs carousels and labyrinths.

She has worked as a drawer for io-Donna, Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica, l’Unità, Liberazione, Drome, Dopress Cina.

She has participated in exhibitions and murals festivals in Italy and abroad.