MuTT – Museo della Trappola per Topi

MuTT – Museo della Trappola per Topi
(Museum of Mousetraps)

Throughout history, mankind has always tried to limit the problems related to mice and rats. These little mammalian rodents can cause several problems for us bipeds willing to dominate the world: they invade places dedicated to food supplies, erode building materials, eat into books and documents, and even have the well-known ability to spread infectious diseases.

The muTT – Museum of Mousetraps – was created to gather proofs of this long-time duel between mankind and animals. It is a collection of traps and devices that have been used, throughout history, to catch mice and rodents, thus providing documentary evidence of the collective conscience related to this small tailed mammal.


Antichi forni, Piaggia della torre 4

OPENING Friday 13/04 at 19.00