Ryan spring dooley – human flip book

Ryan Spring Dooley Human Flip Book

Galleria del commercio, 21-22-23/04/17

1st show at 17,00

2nd show at 19,00

The creative flow of the stop-motion technique brings thousands of images to intertwine, weaving an intriguing and captivating dimension. A world made of illustrations, painting, stories, prints, collages, sculptures and photographs. Transforming this universe into music with the same impulsive flow is the objective of the audio and video performance by Ryan Spring Dooley. It consists in the screening of a 20-minute film of his, composed of 10.000 images, while he live performs with the saxophone and his voice.


Ryan Spring Dooley aka Marvin Tiberious Crushler

After being a graffiti artist in New York during the 90s, Ryan furthered his experience of street art in Northern Italy at the beginning of the 2000s with Rockbois, a collective of punk muralists. His mural works are a mixture of representational chaos and holy harmony, accompanying him from the Triennale of Milano to the streets of Naples and Rome.