Studio Rebigo – Laika

Rebigo is an illustration, comics and graphic studio founded in Genova by eight lively illustrators.
Rebigo deals with promoting the language of images, editing publishing projects and visual communication. Rebigo holds events and exhibitions, organizes live painting and workshops, and helps old ladies cross the street.
Rebigo is: Matteo Anselmo, Matilde Martinelli, Valeria Nieves, Alessandro Parodi, Luca Tagliafico, Ste Tirasso, Silvia Venturi, Arianna Zuppello.


Laika project:

The project was created on the sixtieth anniversary of the launch
of the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft, on which the dog Laika was boarded.
It consists of eight illustrated stories, freely inspired by
one of the most significant events of the space race. The eights authors narrated the story of Laika in original and completely
personal ways, portraying her with always different
poetics and taste.
The stories are intentionally free of text, as to captivate the widest public possible.
The only texts (biographies and historical facts) are translated into Italian, English and Russian.
The entire volume is crafted in blue and gold, two colours present in all the styles of the stories and that remind of the space imagery.