This Is Not A Love Song

This is not a love song – Juke box all’idrogeno, Corso della Repubblica 41 Macerata MC

Days: 20/04 > 07/05
Time: from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 20 – Saturday from 9 to 13 and from 15 to 20.
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TINALS – This Is Not A Love Song


Every cassette is an illustrated love song

An infinite tank of universal love songs from which cartoonists, illustrators and graphic designers draw creative inspiration to bring to life imaginative paper cassettes.

That underlined “not” means everything and nothing. TINALS idea comes from this provocative negation: it is a project that combines music with comics/illustration/graphics, trying to find the intimate and elusive truth of a love song… sometimes. Other times, instead, it irreversibly overturns it.

TINALS is a real paper cassette, with a cover and a plastic case. Each cassette is an illustrated love song.

AMORENÒ is the name of the series of illustrated cassettes exclusively dedicated to Italian music. The protagonists of this series are those love songs that made and make the Italian history of music. “Amore”, love, and “no”: two words representing the blunt and perfect synthesis of TINALS essence. Sentiment and negation, passion and disillusion, misery and irreverence. AmoreNò can also be considered a desperate begging, such as that sung by Piero Ciampi in Tu no: “Tu no, tu no, tu no / Tu non puoi andare via / Tu non devi andare via / Tu no, amore, no”.

The project This Is Not A Love Song started in 2013 and now includes more than 150 song titles ranging through the history of music: from all-time classics to recent hits and hidden gems, from different times and musical genres. From Elvis Presley to Nirvana, from the Cure to the Slint, from the Beatles to the Arcade Fire, going through Nick Drake, Britney Spears, Bob Dylan, Joy Division, Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet Underground, Pearl Jam to Syd Barrett, Sonic Youth, Jesus And Mary Chain, Bon Iver, The Smiths, Beach Boys and many more. And then Lucio Battisti, Fabrizio De André, Francesco De Gregori, Franco Battiato, Paolo Conte… but also CCCP, Verdena, Calcutta, Massimo Volume, Diaframma…

This project is brought to life by the illustrations of the best cartoonists and illustrators in Italy, both well-known and emerging artists. Here are some of the most famous of this prestigious list:

Tuono Pettinato, Paolo Bacilieri, MP5, Alessandro Baronciani, Aka B, Andrea Bruno, Niccolò Pellizzon, Stefano Simeone, Marino Neri, Francesco Cattani, Bianca Bagnarelli, Roberto La Forgia, Virginia Mori, Luca Genovese, Alberto Ponticelli, Toni Bruno…

The exhibition includes the 18 most recent cassettes, appositely created for Ratatà 2017. 9 foreign and 9 Italian songs. 9+9.

Here are displayed in their poster version, but the real measurements are 10×44,5 cm.

All the cassettes are available in the Exhibition/Market area at the stand TINALS.


TINALS lov 101

Leonard CohenWho by fire

by Micol Beltramini/Angelo Mennillo)

TINALS lov 102


by Erica Molli

TINALS lov 103

The xxCrystilised

by EStè

TINALS lov 104

Black FlagI Love You

by Giulia Brachi

TINALS lov 105


by Piergiorgio Savino

TINALS lov 106

The NationalAbout Today

by Giulia Pex

TINALS lov 107

Ty SegallYou’re The Doctor

by Federico Fabbri)

TINALS lov 108

Serge GainsbourgJe t’aime… moi non plus

by Patrizia Beretta

TINALS lov 109

Scout Niblett Kiss

by Nicola Alessandrini

AMORENÒ lov 037

Adriano CelentanoStoria d’amore

by Mattia Iacono

AMORENÒ lov 038

Fine Before You CameFede

by Federica Bellomi

AMORENÒ lov 039

Dark Polo GangSpezzacuori

by Filippo Vannoni

AMORENÒ lov 040

Ornella VannoniRossetto e cioccolato

by Rosaria Farina

AMORENÒ lov 041

Lucio DallaDisperato erotico stomp

by Vincenzo Ventura

AMORENÒ lov 042

Fabrizio De AndréGiugno ’73

by Carla Indipendente

AMORENÒ lov 043

GazzelleNon sei tu

by Emanuele Cantoro

AMORENÒ lov 044

PGRTu e io

by Nevre

AMORENÒ lov 045

CalifanoTutto il resto è noia

by Patrizia Mastapasqua