Metamorphoses / Squame

Opening on Friday, 21st April at 16.30
Metamorphoses by Squame – Galleria Del Commercio – Macerata MC
Days: 21/04 > 23/04
Time: Friday 16-22, Saturday 10-13 | 16-20, Sunday 10-13 | 16-20

Metamorphoses is an illustration and comics project in which 16 authors are invited to personally and freely interpret a myth from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The Metamorphoses is a Latin epic-mythological poem completed in 8 AD, thanks to which several myths of Ancient Greece and Rome became famous.

In our project, each artist picked one of the myths to create a stand-alone comic strip and an illustration. The inspiration is clearly stated to the reader, but the comic can be a portion or a modification of the original myth. The historical context is Greece/Rome, either contemporary or imaginary. The project seeks to re-interpret the classical text as a new work, that is poetic, comic, surreal, ill-fated or sacrilegious… Come and peek the stories of eager deities, elusive nymphs, robots, woods, urban skylines, people taking selfies, beasts and hybrids of all sorts, mixed up together in a Squame mythological hodgepodge!

The comic strips and the illustrations are printed in duplex poster format and published on a collective coloured anthology.

The project will be published in Italian and French.

Artistic Director
Francesca Protopapa, illustrator, graphic designer and founder of the Squame association

WEBSITE metamorphoses-squame

[click on the name of the artist to find out the myth and peek a detail of the illustration]

1. Francesco Guarnaccia • Narcissus et Echo
2. Davide Saraceno  • Minerva et Aracne
3. Pistrice • Cygnus et Leda
4. Tommy Gun Moretti • Apollo et Marsia
5. Marino Neri • Hermaphroditus
6. Andrea Chronopoulos • Pygmalion
7. Anna Deflorian • Latona et Niobe
8. Cristina Portolano • Pan et Syrinx
9. Giulio Castagnaro • Dedalus et Icarus
10. Martoz  • Apollo et Daphne
11. Alessandro Ripane • Sibylla Cumaea
12. Lois • Venus et Adonis
13. AkaB  • Orpheus et Eurydice
14. La Came • Diana et Actaeon
15. Lucio Villani • Cadmo et Armonia
16. Rita Petruccioli • Medea
17. GLORIA PIZZILLI • Apollo et Hyacintus
18. ISABELLA MAZZANTI • Jupiter et Danae
20. Marie-Cécile • Cenis/Ceneo
21. MARCO FILICIO • Driope

typography credits : Nicoló Giacomin