Anna Masini


Anna Masina lives and draws in Milan, where she works on illustrations, books and fabrics. She works mainly with pencils, temperas, inks and manual techniques of printing.

In 2014 she started playing with Red Boots, a label of small hand-bound illustrated books, with which she autonomously published some of her projects.

Ninamasina is her stage name, a play-on-letter that mixes and fuses name and last name in one single word.

title of the exhibition:


abstract and presentation of the project:

TREGUA (Truce) is the title of the last “Red Boots” publication, a zine that, through images, like an antidote, describes what happens when you get lost in the everyday craze and find out, at a certain point, that you are too far from yourself.

Red Boots is a small-size label of self-produced illustrated books, founded in 2014 by Ninamasina and her desire to try out new techniques, experiencing books in all its formats.

These books address a public without age limits, they are hand-bound or manufactured, and every copy is printed in limited edition, in different circulations according to the project.

The name Red Boots comes from an infancy memory: a pair of red rubber ankle boots with which you could jump on puddles, run and play, without worrying about getting dirty.

At the bookshop Bibidi Bobidi Book several original illustrations will be exhibited, a few prints and all the Red Boots books published from 2014 up to now.

For the festival, the author will also exhibit a series of thaumatropes inspired by her latest works.


Libreria Bibidi Bobidi Book – corso Matteotti 32

OPENING Thursday 12/04 at 16.00

12/04 > 25/04

everyday 9.30 – 12.30 / 16 – 20