Crisma Preview

this year at Ratatà you will find the preview of Crisma 2

Crisma is an annual collection of stories and comics.

Self-produced in Rome by the “Lab.Aquattro” collective with the support of CSA La Torre.
Its A4 format recalls a small ream made of chrisms.

The volume gathers the works of twelve firms, selected by the the “Lab.Aquattro” collective basing on their qualities and the variety of style interpretations. Those who contributed are: Baldari / Bart Salvemini / Di Lauro / Canottiere / Lanzieri / Lopez Lam / Martoz
Ricca / Tuono Pettinato / Schinaia / Verdet / Vinciarelli.
The colour cover was created by Martin Lopez Lam.
«Rione Borotalco» is this second volume’s theme.
11 short stories illustrating metamorphosing neighbourhoods, transforming towns and cities, flattened and hidden realities and identities, people and places covered by a layer of talcum that makes them scented and good looking.
11 stories, different in style and content, where the authors freely interpret the combination Rione + Borotalco, connected by the illustrations by Massimiliano Di Lauro.
You’ll have the chance to see in preview Crisma #2 at the Ratatà Festival in Macerata (from the 20th to the 23rd of April) and at the Napoli Comicon (from the 28th April to the 1st May).
The official launch is planned for the 13th/14th May at CSA La Torre (Via Bertero, 13, Rome) during a two-days event.