Saturday 22nd April 2017 from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18, Antichi Forni
After a 5-year experience in cyanotype printing, PICA introduces its first workshop open to the public. Participants will be able to know the process going from the original drawing to the final printing. Brief theoretical introductions will be given, followed by preparatory demonstrations for practices, so that those who registered will have the opportunity to print his/her own digital negative and cyanotype.
Pica is the outcome of a collaboration between Carlos Lalvay Estrada, author of the drawings, and Pietro Repetto, technician of old photographic printing techniques.
The project consists in the reproduction of Carlos’s line drawings, conveying the fine details and the “etched” signs through the cyanotype technique, which is the most used photographic processing for the reproduction of technical drawings. This results in a sharp printing with precise details, similar to etching but in the Prussian blue colour. The drawings and the processing enhance each other, recovering and re-instating a processing that, up to know, was considered as a mere technical reproduction process.
Pica was created in the winter 2012-2013 when they tried the first sun printing experiments with rudimentary printing presses. During the following months, they have improved the photographic process in order to adapt it to graphic subjects.
In January 2017, PICA moves to a new laboratory in Genova, the Laboratorino, with their equipment and experience.
Requirements: computer with Photoshop or other photo editing programme, average knowledge of these softwares and a drawing to print.
Cost: 120 euro
Number of participants: from 3 to 8
Age: over 18
For info and registration: send an email to by Tuesday 12/04/2017 writing in the object WORKSHOP DI CIANOTIPIA

VIDEO: Cianotipia