Interview: Paulina Tkacz

We already know her, but we were so curious that we felt the need to ask her some more question. We are talking about Paulina Tkacz. Her work will be exhibited at BAR FIRENZE from Thursday 20th April to Sunday 23rd April.


Let’s talk about you! Who are you? What do you do? What are your interests?

I am from Poland and I am a graphic artist professionally bounded to the Ecomuseo Villa Ficana in Macerata in which I work on the visual communication of the museum. My passion is travelling and getting to know other cultures. For almost three years I’ve been living in Italy and I found a great pleasure in discovering the wealth of Italian culture. Before that I’ve lived in Germany for more than a year. Both of those experiences shaped my view on many aspects of life.

When you decided to be an illustrator?

There wasn’t actually a moment of decision. The way in which I express myself in this moment of my life stems from a collection of events and a previous experiences.

Let’s talk about your art. What are the themes that fascinate you? 

Since a long time the underwater world is the theme which interests me the most. I draw fish and the sea creatures which are not a true representation of nature.

What technique do you prefer above all? 

I use inkers to draw a fantastic aquatic world. The academic course of applied graphic and especially drypoint had a great influence in choosing this kind of technique. I don’t practice anymore applied graphic but the echo of this experience is still present.

Is there a meaning behind those sea creatures? 

The drawings are not created to illustrate any particular story or a book. I do create them just for my pleasure as a kind of meditation and a moment of reflection. What I illustrate through them is my mood and my emotions.

However it is not the same regarding my posters. The graphic design requires a different attitude. A design has to be an answer for a particular need/problem and it has to has to provide a solution.
During my studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (Poland) I was trying to find a meeting point for those two different fields. This topic is still fascinating me.

This year you’re gonna be one of the exhibitors of the Ratatà Festival. Are you happy to take parte in this event?

It was always inspiring to watch every year many interesting works presented on RATATÀ. I am really happy to be able to take part of the Festival this year.

Give us some spoilers (but not too much) about your exhibition! What are you gonna show us?

I am going to show a collection of posters: created for different purposes. Those are designs created to provide a visual communication of text combined with illustration. These are my alternative propositions for the language of advertisement. The important values for me in my design are colour and composition.
The other part of exhibition is made up of my illustrations of the fantastic sea creatures created with the usage of black ink on paper. It is a kind of preview of a not realistic word, sometimes funny but sometimes also worrifing.