INTERVIEW: Nightcloud

The story behind this project is so fascinating, when agricolture and art meet themselves and give life to something unique, based on paperworks. But when Catharina and Natan met? Why did you decide to start this project?

It was through handmade paper (an international congress in Holland, 1994) that Natan and Catharina met. A paper love connection that later shaped the name “nightcloud” in Italy! One of us (Natan) discovered paper in the 80s while listening to a talk on the Israeli radio – his formation in visual arts and his practice in farming made him discover that processing plants were the perfect overlap of both fields, of art and agriculture. Catharina came across paper in the Hamburg University library, experiencing touch and smell of different plant papers from all over the world. Her studies in art history, restauration and art therapy made her learn and use this medium.

Your works include also jelwery and other paperworks. You organize workshops for childern. So i want to ask you: how do they interact with these initiatives?

It is important to say that we organize workshops for whoever is interested in the field, not only for children! Age not important, background not important — the shared experience (preparing the natural fibers, sheet formation, history, art making in different forms) is the clue to the fun cooperation… it lies in the project, also in the time frame if the workshop has an impact, brings joy to others… a visit from a school class might give just a first taste of the big world of paper, a longer term activity can give experience in greater depth. A profound, longer term workshop series with interested participants is still desired on our part!

Why did you decide to enjoy Ratatà festival?

We know talented people participating and the festival luckily has a reputation of having “good vibes”!

Can you send a greeting for Macerata and Ratatà?

Hugs and kisses from the Sibilllini Mountains to Macerata — may visiting guests and participating artists alike enjoy Ratatà!


Michele Catinari