Author: Michele Catinari

I am a Cultural Heritage and Tourism student at University of Macerata, in love with history of art, cinema and every kind of art.


Centrala – every book matters is born on 2007 in Poland, specialising in comic books. Since there, you grew up considerably, expanding yourself in Berlin and London. What changed from your beginning activities? What are your future plans?  You are very well informed – Centrala every book matters was born in 2007 in Poland, later […]

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INTERVIEW: Nightcloud

The story behind this project is so fascinating, when agricolture and art meet themselves and give life to something unique, based on paperworks. But when Catharina and Natan met? Why did you decide to start this project? It was through handmade paper (an international congress in Holland, 1994) that Natan and Catharina met. A paper […]

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INTERVIEW: Paulina Tkacz

Paulina Tkacz is a brilliant polish illustrator based in Italy. Her works describe nature with personal style. What are your inspirations? How you were born artistically? I have studied in Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz (Poland) in the combined course of graphic design and applied graphics. Five years of composing black-and-white graphical […]

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