Allegra Corbo

When: Friday 21/04/2017, at 19:00
Where: Csa Sisma, via Alfieri 8

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Allegra Corbo (1968)

She holds a Diploma of Master of Art in Goldworking and Art of Metals at the Mannucci School of Art in Ancona and a Degree in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

From 1988 to 2004 she collaborated as an actress, performer, scenographer, sculptor and technician with:
the theatre company Societas Raffaello Sanzio, the cyberpunk circus Mutoid Waste Co., then Mutek by Joe Rush, with Officine Alchemiche and Mama Ferox.
Since 1996, she has exhibited her works, both in Italy and abroad, in galleries, happenings, contemporary art festivals as well as in visionary, underground and pop art festivals, and she has participated in urban art events with murals, large collages, banners, fire sculptures, performances, publications.
From 2008 to 2014 she was Artistic Director of the Pop UP! Festival of Contemporary Art in Urban Space (curated by MAC – Manifestazioni Artistiche Contemporanee) in Ancona, where she presented Italian and international artists in experimental installations, large sized wall paintings, site-specific projects, and street art.
From 2008 to 2014 she was Art Director of the team MAC-Manifestazioni Artistiche Contemporanee for the design, management and set-up of events and contemporary art exhibitions (Pop UP! Festival of Contemporary Art in Urban Space, LucidAncona, Videodromo, Area Spazio, Jasad-The Arab Body, Hanging, Officine del Colore Naturale, etc.).
She has been Art Director and Tuto at MAC, in workshops, students and artists:
Pop UP! Poster Art contest (with high school students of Art)
Popo UP! The City (with the students of the Faculty of Design, Hongik University of Seoul (Korea): urban art actions in the slum neighbourhood of Deheango)
Area, spazio per comunicare (project for young people aiming at building a common space thanks to the languages of word, gesture, graphics, craftsmanship and the digital, resulting in an artistic action)
Officine del Colore Naturale (a project of recognition and promotion of the artistic potentialities of the region; workshops with young talents from the Marche region, artists and artisans on an international level, and local companies, as to give rise to a trend on the “techne” of natural colour)
In 2015 she designed Vertigo Truth, an urban and street art installation in the Sculpture Park in Mutania (artistic community Mutoid Waste Co.) in Santarcangelo di Romagna, with the artist Su-e-Side
In 2012 she started working on activities for children and teenagers with the projects:
-Children in the Forest (artistic walks in nature, in English),
-Lupus et Agnus (hiking and urban art, with Aesop’s fables),
-Cadavre esquisit (a surreal “short story” for a book-mural-tableau painted with children on large pages),
-Cosmogenio Specularum, the mirror is everywhere from Butterfly to Face (a work on the specular forms of nature to invent masks and proto-books, with high school students)
-Artistic construction site with the students of Academy of Fine Arts, during the artistic stay of Urban Superstar Show 2012, in Cosenza
-artistic collaboration with the libertarian Montessori school Serendipity in Osimo (Ancona)
In 2010, she published the illustrated book “Aletheya and Cartataglio” in collaboration with the artist Andreco), silk-screen handprinted by Strane Dizioni,
And in 2011 the book “Two Way Project Italy/Lebanon” (collective project with Italian and Lebanese artists in Beirut), since 1996 she has published in magazines and fanzines.
Art director of I libri Pop Up! The Book (Franco Cosimo Panini edition) and Intruders by Luca Forlani (Franco Cosimo Panini edition)
Since 1988 she has worked as set designer and lights technician with theatre, festivals and theatre companies in Italy and